Collagen Matrix Launches OssiMend® Spine and DuraMatrix® Dural Repair Products in Asia

Collagen Matrix, Inc., a leader in regenerative medicine and a global manufacturer of collagen and mineral based medical devices announced today its first entrance into the India market with two product lines, OssiMend® bone graft matrices from its Spine Business Unit and DuraMatrix®membranes from its Dural Repair Business Unit.

Collagen Matrix Launches OssiMend® Spine and DuraMatrix® Dural Repair Products in Asia

OssiMend® bone graft matrices are designed to provide a scaffold for a patient to grow new bone and are typically used in spinal fusion surgeries. DuraMatrix® dural repair products are engineered to provide a scaffold for brain and spinal cord host dura to naturally regenerate resulting in the protection, closure and repair of dural defects as well as providing leak resistance of cerebrospinal fluid.

Both of these product lines as well as others from the Collagen Matrix five business units—Dental, Spine, Orthopaedic, Dural Repair and Nerve Repair—have been developed with its six proprietary technologies. With a robust 20-year reputation of product innovation, the Collagen Matrix products have helped patients worldwide with over 7.5 million medical devices.

Collagen Matrix now has the opportunity to launch its innovative products into India with this recent Registration Certificate of approval from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation, Medical Device & Diagnostic Division of Government of India.

“This first approval in India, the seventh largest country in the world, establishes an opportunity for Collagen Matrix to grow in this market and extends the Collagen Matrix Spine and Dural Repair footprint into Asia. It is another strategic milestone that represents our company’s commitment to continuously advancing our international distribution capability,” said Bart J. Doedens, CEO. “These products are a premium addition to the spine and neurosurgical surgeons’ biologics toolboxes, and the India market aligns with our expansion strategy”.

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Collagen Matrix, Inc., founded in 1997, delivers a full line of the highest-quality collagen and mineral based medical devices that support the body’s natural ability to regenerate. The Company currently manufactures finished medical devices in the areas of Dental, Spine, Orthopaedic, Dural Repair and Nerve Repair Surgery. The evolution of the Company’s leadership, proprietary technologies, manufacturing expertise and product portfolio has established a solid foundation for continued growth. Opportunities continue to exist for collaboration through Product Distribution, Product Development and Contract Manufacturing. More information about Collagen Matrix can be found at